Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rave - Non-stick cookware

So here's a Rave - Non-stick cookware. I was doing the dishes and was enjoying how easily my new non-stick crepe pan cleans up. Yes, this is my life. Getting happy over the ease of cleaning something. And I was thinking: what a great invention. I really appreciate it now that I got rid of all my non-stick cookware because it's supposed to kill you or something. I'd like to know -- what is the real story about this? Because I'd like to start using non-stick cookware again. Is it OK if it's not scratched? Or is it just plain toxic no matter what? Have you heard the one about domestic birds dying in their cage? Hmmm. Bed Bath and Beyond has some new "green" non-stick pans. I wanted to buy one, but I was with my mother and she insisted I buy the other brand because you got two pans for the price of one of the "green" brand. So of course I didn't do what I wanted and resentfully bought the one that will kill me. What does that say about me?